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Product Instructions

Mixing Instructions:

Just tear open the flavor pak and squeeze the content into your bottle of VapPuro Base E-liquid and shake well. It’s that easy!

Prefer your flavor stronger?
Add an additional flavor pak.

Prefer your flavor on the mild side?
Simply add a little less!

Are you feeling creative?
Try mixing and matching flavor to create your own perfect blends!


Unscrew the atomizer base from the cartridge. Hold the cartridge at an angle with the mouth piece facing downward. Carefully drip the E-Liquid into the cartridge. Avoid getting E-Liquid in the metal air tube that is inside the cartridge. Do not fill the cartridge past the top of the metal air tube. Securely screw the base back onto the cartridge. Clean any excess E-Liquid from around the cartridge If you get E-Liquid on your hands, lips or mouth, wipe off immediately and rinse with cold water. Make sure all the parts are securely attached together without over tightening.

Cleaning & Replacing:

For best performance and better taste, it is a good idea to clean or replace your atomizer coil at least once a week. To clean, simply unscrew the base from the cartridge and unscrew the atomizer coil from the base. Gently wash all the pieces in warm water. Let the pieces dry for a few hours and reassemble. Attach unfilled atomizer cartridge to a charged battery. Hold the power button for eight seconds to heat dry let go and repeat. Fill with E-Liquid and use as normal. Replace the atomizer coil every few weeks or as necessary for a fresh taste. 


Carefully screw the battery into the supplied USB charger and plug it into a USB power source. The battery power button should flash and remain illuminated to show that it has started charging. While charging, the light on the USB charger will illuminate red. Once it is fully charged, the light on the USB charger will turn green. The VapPuro battery has a microchip to prevent overcharging and will automatically stop charging when the battery is fully charged. It takes approximately three hours for the battery to charge.

Turing On/Off:

The VapPuro battery has a power saving/safety function which allows you to enable and disable the battery to prevent accidental discharge. The battery is shipped in the disabled position and will not function even after pressing the power button. To enable the battery, press the power button 5 TIMES fast. (2 seconds) Once the power button light flashes, it is ready for use. It is recommended to disable the battery when not in use by hitting the power button 5 times again within two 2. The power button light will flash when disabled.


Make sure that the battery is in the enabled position and the cartridge is both filled and securely attached. Press the power button while simultaneously inhaling through the mouth piece. Once you are done inhaling, release the power button. When in use, the power button will illuminate blue when fully charged, green when half charged and red when running low. The battery has a safety feature and will shut off after ten seconds. It is best to disable the battery when storing or not in use.

Tips & Cautions:

Press power button 5 times within 2 seconds if not working.

Charge battery before using.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Keep away from children & pets

Never ingest unvaporized. E-Liquid.

When attaching atomizer. cartridge to the battery, make sure there is no e-liquid on the metal pieces that connect the battery & charger.

Avoid contact of E-Liquids with skin or eyes. If contact occurs, wash thoroughly with cold water.

Do not carry vaporizer in your front or back of pants pockets.

Make sure all parts are screwed on correctly.