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Blast Flavor Paks

Our concentrated Blast Flavor Paks are packaged and sold separately
from our Base E-Liquids giving you a much greater chance of 
finding your favorite flavor and formula combination in stock at your
local retailer.You can mix and match 1 to 4 Flavor Paks to a 
single bottle of VapPuro Base E-Liquid to create a truly 
unlimited number of unique flavor combinations.

Note: Each additional Flavor Pak added to a bottle of VapPuro Base
E-Liquid dilutes the nicotine mg strength. Click Here to visit our Dilution Calculator
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Bavarian Cream Flavor Pak
Cake Flavor Pak
Yogurt Flavor Pak
Rice Crunchies Flavor Pak
Brown Sugar Flavor Pak
Milk Flavor Pak
Custard Flavor Pak
Pumpkin Spice Flavor Pak
Gingerbread Flavor Pak